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Monday, July 28, 2008

Support for image acquisition devices in Flex/Air

I would like to see support for image acquisition devices in Flex/Air. Currently there is no such support for image acquisition devices, like scanners that operate via the TWAIN API. However you can use sockets in combination with a Java application but this is far from an ideal scenario.

I filed an issue request which you can see at Please vote on this issue and we may see support for image acquisition devices in the future.


Anonymous said...

What is the Java-based approach that you speak of. I have researched one, but want to be sure that I've found them all.

Jamie Craane said...

I can think of two possibilities here:
1. use the Merapi project which is an AIR-to-Java bridge. More information can be found here: Merapi
2. Create your own Java application which is used for image acquisition, maybe with the help of an API like JTwain and use socket connections to communicate between your Air application.

I prefer the first approach but the Merapi project is still in an alpha stage.