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Sunday, August 21, 2016

IntelliJ TooltipRunner plugin

Live coding during presentations can be a powerful mechanism to captivate an audience and this is preferably done using a tool which is suited for this. This means an IDE which provides some sort of presentation mode to focus on the code at hand.

When watching Get a Taste of Lambdas and Get Addicted to Streams by Venkat Subramaniam Venkat uses this technique of live coding. What is especially useful is the that TextMate is setup so that the results of program execution are displayed as a tooltip.

Since I use IntelliJ instead of textMate I searched if there was something similar. Unfortunately there was not. There is the convenient presentation mode but not an option (that I can think of) to display the results of a Java main execution in a tooltip.

That is why I created a plugin which does the same for IntelliJ. The plugin can be found here or you can install it using the Plugin manager in the Preferences. You can find a demonstration of the plugin on YouTube.

The source code of this plugin can be found on Github:
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